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Our team

Mrs Bourgelie AMPION

Managing Partner 

Ms AMPION is an international lawyer with eleven (11) years of experience. She is a former member of the Paris Bar and a former foreign lawyer registered with the Law Society of Hong Kong. Ms. AMPION's experience in business, tax and financial law, in advising on commercial and contract law is extensive. She regularly acts for and advises governments and private entities throughout the OHADA region in various financing and development projects in Africa, particularly in Central Africa.


Ms AMPION is a pioneer entrepreneur and legal consultant at the highest level of government in Africa, with a strong international reach.


Ms AMPION holds a Master's degree in Business Law from the University of Tours (France), and a Master's degree (LLM) from Howard University School of Law in Washington, DC (USA).


She is fluent in French and English, and has a basic knowledge of Chinese Mandarin.

Madame Bourgelie AMPION

Dr. James MEDOU


Holds PhD in Physics from Paris Sorbonne university / Pierre and Marie Curie, has led postdoctoral researches  at Liège university and Oxford university, is a Telecom Paris grduate, and is a award winner of the Seymour Cray price in VLSIComputer Aided Design.

Is a finance markets veteran with almost 30 years of practice in the area. He is an investment consultant. He is an expert in development and financial strategy, business performance improvement and organisational management. 

Docteur James MEDOU

Mrs Haude Colombe IBALICO


Holder of a Master 2 in Notarial Law obtained at the University of the Sahel in Dakar, Senegal, she developed, after a first collaboration in the firm CHEIK FALL, skills in contract drafting in various areas including labor law, commercial law and corporate law.

Mrs. IBALICO was also involved in advising clients for 6 years with the startup LEGALSTART in Casablanca, Morocco, as legal manager to simplify the life of entrepreneurs.

Monsieur Philippe NKOUNKOU

Mrs Tessy Marie Déborah BOUELHAT BOUANGA


Holder of a Master 2 in business law obtained at the Montplaisir University of Tunis in Tunisia, Ms. BOUELHAT BOUANGA has developed skills within the firm Lexa International Consulting Congo in various areas of business law including digital law through drafting and the review of several IT contracts and legal opinions in this area, as well as company law through the constitution of several companies and the legal secretariat at General Meetings and Boards of Directors.


In addition to these different areas, Ms. BOUELHAT also intervenes in labor law and contract law.

Madame Deborah BOUELAHT

Dr. James MEDOU


Etudiant en Master 2 Juriste et conseil d’entreprise, M. KATOUDI fait ses premiers pas dans l’univers professionnel au sein du cabinet Lexa International Consulting où il développe des compétences en conseil, rédaction et revue contractuelle, rédaction d’avis juridique ainsi qu’en veille juridique sur les questions relevant des domaines privé et public.

André RobertKATOUI
Docteur James MEDOU
Madame Prisca YOA

Mrs Prisca YOA

Human resources manager and trained accountant

With a working practice of over 10 years, Ms. Prisca YOA is involved in the constitution of companies, preparation of tax documents and tax returns, human resources management and preparation of clients' financial statements.

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